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Acoustic Plan DigiMaster

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In spite of the small size of the CD transport/DA converter combination the DigiMaster and DriveMaster meets the superior quality demanded by high-end audiophiles. The D/A converter DigiMaster has probably the most consequent high resolution digital audio processing related to simplicity of all converters on the market nowadays. The USB as well as the SPDIF inputs have 192kHz/24 bit receivers and they pass on the data stream to the 24-bit R2R PCM1704U-K converter. Neither upsampling nor oversampling is used and this keeps the data as pure as possible. The USB data transfer works in an asynchronous mode, whereby the clock is determined by the high precision clock generator in the DigiMaster.

To avoid ground loops between the PC and the DigiMaster, the USB receiver circuit is powered by the PC, whereas inductive couplers (iCoupler)  provide the galvanic separation between the two units. The minimalist philosophy of the circuit design is continued in the analogue filter and in the analogue output stage. For that reason, only analogue filters are used to cut off the undesirable ultrasonic frequency range. Depending on the sampling rate, the filters are switched to the proper cut off frequency. The analogue filters consist of custom made precision inductors and capacitors. A pure tube output stage amplifies the small analogue signals and provides a low output impedance to partnering electronics.

All devices of the Master series have an external high quality switching power supply as standard. They meet the latest energy saving directives and have a medical approval for low electromagnetic radiation. As an upgrade, a power supply with linear regulation of Acoustic Plan’s own production is available. This power supply is able to supply two devices of the Master series. The software of both devices (DigiMaster and DriveMaster) is developed "in house" exclusively by Acoustic Plan.

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